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The Westport Weston Health District strives to promote health and well-being, prevent disease, and ensure a clean and safe environment for the communities we serve.

Business Hours:

The Health District is open and observes COVID safety protocols.  Visitors must wear a mask.

Monday – Friday 8:30AM to 4:30PM

Phone:          203.227.9571

Fax:              203.221.7199

Email:           publichealth@wwhd.org


**To report a public health emergency after business hours, please call:

Westport Dispatch: 203-341-6000
Weston Communications Center: 203-222-2600


Health Alert:

Effective Friday, November 6, 2020, Connecticut rolls back to Phase 2.1 due to increasing rates of COVID-19 in the state. Click here to view the major changes.

Community transmission of COVID-19 continues locally and throughout the state. To reduce the spread of infection, it is very important to wear face coverings, practice good hand hygiene, and maintain social distancing.  The District is closely following virus metrics and working with our partners at the Connecticut Department of Public Health to monitor the situation and assure appropriate preventive measures. For the latest COVID-19 data and information, please refer to our COVID-19 page.