Being Prepared

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Disasters / Emergencies

Disasters can happen anytime, to anyone.  When a sudden disaster strikes, you may not have time to prepare. Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but they cannot reach everyone right away.

In Westport and Weston we have the potential for hurricanes in the fall, strong winter storms, great heat and potential power failures in the summer, and floods either from Long Island Sound or from our rivers at any time.

Knowing what to do is your best protection. Careful planning helps ensure you’ll have what you need to get through an emergency.


For help in making your families Emergency Preparedness plan, please see the following:


Register for your Town’s Emergency Notification service

For Weston the following link is the Town’s FAQ on Code red and how to register.

The Health District maintains a confidential list of homebound Westport and Weston residents. These individuals have special evacuation needs or are dependent on electricity, and lack a local support system. Intervention by the Health District occurs during emergencies as the need arises.

The list is updated quarterly. To place your name on the emergency preparedness list or for more information, contact the Health District at 203-227-9571.

Anyone who wants assistance on developing a home plan, Please contact Mike Vincelli, Director of Emergency Preparedness and Response at 203-571-8353.