HIV/STD Testing and Counseling

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The Westport Weston Health District provides a voluntary HIV/STD counseling and testing clinic every Tuesday morning at the health district, 180 Bayberry Lane, Westport.

  • Testing is available for Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlaymydia, Hepatitis B and C.
  • Open to all regardless of age or residence.
  • Confidential or anonymous Rapid HIV testing is available.
  • Counseling and referral services are provided.
  • Donations are accepted.
  • Call today to schedule an appointment at (203) 227-9571 and ask to speak to Loren Pace, RN, Public Health Nurse.

What is HIV?

HIV is the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). This virus is passed from one person to another through blood-to-blood and sexual contact. A person who is infected with HIV may develop AIDS. HIV infection is incurable, but can be managed with medications. Without a cure or vaccine available PREVENTION is the best way to avoid becoming infected with HIV.

Who is at risk?

HIV can infect anyone who practices risky behaviors such as:

  • Having sexual contact with an infected person without using a condom or with someone whose HIV status is unknown
  • Sharing drug needles or syringes.
  • Unprotected anal sex.
  • Multiple sexual partners.

How is HIV contracted?

  • By having unprotected sex (vaginal, anal, or oral sex) with someone infected with HIV.
  • By sharing needles or injection equipment with a drug user who is infected with HIV.
  • From an infected mother to her baby during pregnancy, during delivery via contact with her infected blood or through breastfeeding.

How do I prevent HIV?

  • Abstain from sex.
  • If you are sexually active, get checked often for sexually transmitted diseases. Encourage your partner(s) to do the same.
  • Have protected sex, using condoms, with only one mutually faithful partner.
  • Use pre-lubricated latex condoms correctly from start to finish with each act of anal or vaginal intercourse.
  • Never share needles of any kind.
  • If you are considering a tattoo or body piercing, check with the facility to see how the staff prevents HIV infection.
  • Become educated about HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.