Target Lyme Disease

Target Lyme Disease was an educational project aimed at teaching Westport and Weston residents about ways to reduce deer ticks and protect themselves against Lyme disease. The project was funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and was the first grant of its kind in the nation…. Read more“Target Lyme Disease”

Tick Bite Prevention May Be More Important Than Ever/Local Updates

Summary for most recent day of reporting in Connecticut Category Text Total Change Direction Change Laboratory Confirmed COVID-19 Cases 23,921 +      821* COVID-19 Associated Deaths   1,764 +      125 Patients Currently Hospitalized with COVID-19   1,877 –        70 Patients Tested for COVID-19 74,038 +    2,541 Charts represent… Read more“Tick Bite Prevention May Be More Important Than Ever/Local Updates”

Tick Identification/Testing

It’s been a busy tick season thus far this year!  Please remember to check yourself and your children for ticks each day.  If you’ve found a tick, our staff will identify ticks for residents for a fee of $10. Steps: Complete the Tick Identification Form Place tick in a small… Read more“Tick Identification/Testing”

Live Well Program

Please check back periodically to see when we will offer this program again! Looking for a new lease on life? Want to age successfully and in comfort? Do you want to be a take-charge kind of person? Then Live Well is right for you! This free, six session workshop is facilitated by… Read more“Live Well Program”