Board and Staff

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Otis Crawford, Chair, Westport

Catherine Revzon, Vice Chair, Weston

Linda Lewis Bruce Westport

Ilisa Nussbaum, Weston

Paul Shaum, Westport

Doreen Collins, Easton

Mark A.R. Cooper: Ex Officio, Treasurer



Mark A. R. Cooper, MPH, RS – Director of Health

Pamela Scott – Human Resources/Office Manager/Assistant to Director of Health

Jeffrey Andrews, RS – Chief Sanitarian

Janet Pucci – Bookkeeper

Melissa Romano – Support Services Assistant

Kelly Phelan – Support Services Assistant

Loren Pace, RN – Public Health Nurse

Joanne Ryan, RN – Public Health Nurse

Lora Hayes, RS –  Sanitarian

Antonia Menta, RS –  Sanitarian

Eren Ceylan, RS – Sanitarian

Michael J. Vincelli – Director of Emergency Preparedness/Response