Beach Water Testing

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Each summer, the Westport Weston Health District tests the waters at the Westport beaches and other locations on Long Island Sound. Sampling began this season on June 08, 2020 and will continue on a regular basis through Labor Day. Experience has shown us that the Westport beaches, absent an extraordinary event such as a sewage spill, or very heavy rains, are quite clean. Sampling and testing is done every Monday morning.

We consider swimming beaches as those that are guarded —Compo Beach, Burying Hill Beach, and Sherwood Island State Park. The State Department of Environmental Protection monitors water quality at Sherwood Island.

We also monitor the water quality at Bisceglie Park in Weston.

Swimming Beaches / 2020

DATE TESTED Compo Beach Burying Hill Beach Bisceglie Park
6/08/2020  Open N/A CLOSED
6/15/2020  Open N/A CLOSED
6/22/2020  Open N/A CLOSED
6/29/2020  Open Open CLOSED
7/06/2020  Open Open CLOSED
7/13/2020  Open Open CLOSED
7/20/2020  Open Open CLOSED
7/27/2020  Open Open CLOSED
8/03/2020  Open Open CLOSED

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