Environmental Services and Forms

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Food Services Food Service establishments, including temporary food events must obtain a permit to operate, and must be inspected and approved before operation. They will also be inspected regularly. Get Food Service Forms
Septic Systems New septic systems installations and repairs to existing septic systems are reviewed, overseen, and approved by the District. Soil testing is performed; plans are reviewed; installations are inspected and approval is issued by the District. Get Septic Forms
Construction Proposed building construction, including private swimming pool and sport courts must be approved before construction can begin. Get Construction Forms
Private Wells Private drinking water wells are regulated by the District to ensure proper location and installation to provide safe drinking water. The District also regulated irrigation wells and geothermal system. Get Well Forms
Cosmetology Salons, Barber Shops,Spas and Massage Therapy Centers must obtain a permit to operate, and must be inspected and approved before operating.They will also be inspected regularly.
Get Cosmetology Forms
Public Swimming Pools Public swimming pools are regularly inspected by District staff Get Public Swimming Pool Form
Beach Water Monitoring Each summer the District monitors the water quality at the swimming beaches of Westport and Weston to ensure that they are safe for swimming. See Current Status
Day Care / Group Homes The District inspects Day Care and Group Home Facilites as part of their State licensing requirements. Get Application for Inspection