Possible Well Water Contamination After Recent Heavy Rains

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Mark A.R. Cooper, Director of Health for the Westport Weston Health District warned residents who obtain their potable water from on-site private wells, which might have been flooded during the recent heavy rain, that their water supply could be contaminated by the flood water. Drinking contaminated water can cause illness. You should not assume that the water from a flood well is safe to drink.
“If your well has been flooded, it needs to be disinfected and tested once the floodwaters recede and before you consume it” Mr. Cooper said.
All wells susceptible to flooding should be used only after its quality is verified. All wells that have been flooded, either in pits or low-lying areas, should be properly disinfected, and tested prior to consumption.
With the amount of rain fall and flooding experienced on Tuesday, many yards were underwater for some period of time. Septic systems may have been under water and flooded as well. Though this might have created localized septic problems, the problems associated with such flooding should be temporary and have no long term lasting effects. Anyone experiencing problems with their septic system after the flood water recede should have the system evaluated by a licensed septic system contractor. It is recommended that all septic tanks be pumped and cleaned every 3 to 5 years depending on usage, this might be a good time to consider having this done.

More specific information on how to disinfect flooded wells is available on the Westport Weston Health District’s website.